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This is healthy...No this is...

For years I've been trying to eat healthy with self admitted terrible success... And this post is not to blame anyone, because honestly I have no one to blame but myself for my mostly poor eating habits.

What this is about, is the frustration of eating "healthy"... At my most recent count I believe there is approximately twelve million different diets or ideas on how to "eat healthy"... about 3 times as many as there are actual food items in existence! For every food item it seems there is at least one diet, book or person saying it is good, and at least one saying it is not good...Or at least this is how it feels sometimes.

So my question is this, how do you choose what is actually good, how do you move past the confusion? I have read so many different books and theories, all of which sound so great while reading them, until you read the next one that is either a slight variation (at best) or the complete opposite of what you just read... and of course is just as convincing, confusing the hell out of everyone...

I know a healthy lifestyle is not cut and dry, and that each person is different... This is just venting of frustrations on what is the best way to eat healthy...

How did you, in your personal life, figure out how or what was best for you?


  1. Matt,

    It's easier to understand when you break food down to 2 categories: acidic foods vs alkalizing foods. Our diets are too high in the acidic, highly processed foods & it takes too much of our own mineral content to buffer these acids. Google alkalizing food chart, it will give you a good idea where to start. The body especially dumps minerals at night to buffer all the acids and, over time, our bone mineral content can become depleted so that the body may have difficulty compensating for disease processes. Drinking mineral or high pH water throughout the day, addressing the balance of acidic and alkalizing foods in your diet, and taking multi- minerals at night can really be very beneficial.


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  3. Well this is the most difficult task to do and every time some delicious mouthwatering dish will come and get your self deviated from the healthy diet plan. May it work for some time.


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