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Review: Gillette Fusion Proglide With Flexball

A few weeks ago Gillette decided to send me their new Fusion Proglide Razor with Flexball. As a long time user of Gillette razors I expected it to be a really good razor, as all the Gillette razors I've ever used have been. I did, however, have many doubts how much of a difference the flexball would actually make to my morning shave. I was pleasantly surprised. 
There is only so much you can say about how a razor feels while shaving. And this razor like the normal Proglide before it feels great while shaving. I'm pretty sure if the shave was any closer, I'd probably hurt myself while using it. So the important question is whether or not the Flexball "technology" makes the shave any better... I felt that it did, while I don't think that it made the shave itself any closer, I did feel that it was more nicer to use especially when going over certain curves of the chin and cheekbones with that little bit of flex actually making it more comfortable. I also feel t…