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Girl on Fire

The Pioneer senior hockey player can skate, pass and shoot as one of her team’s top players. The speed of the game supersedes all else.
It’s when she comes back to the bench that the familiar feeling returns.


  1. Hi Matt. I'm from MD too! Anyway I think I have sudden onset EM. Have you seen any improvement with diet? I'm keto right now and wondering if it will ultimatly help.

    1. My wife does notice a difference with the better she eats and by eliminating some foods, ie junk food, processed foods and especially wine... among others!

    2. Hi Matt,
      I wrote you last year, I'm not sure if you got my message. I too have EM. And I have found help. A medication called Midrodine. It constricts the blood vessels. 2 in the morning, one at lunch, and one in afternoon. It has changed my world. Also, your wife should be tested for an Autonomic dysfunction, I was diagnosed with this in connection with the EM. There is treatment for both.. Best Wishes.


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