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Quick Review - Kindle Paper White

Even as recently as a year ago there were a lot of trade-offs you had to make if you were a hard core reader using an eReader. Sure, you got great battery life and a whole library right in your hands, but—let’s face it—the screens on the old eReaders left something to be desired … to say the least. Gray, pixilated and slow, they were about as far from a real book as you could get.

Enter the Kindle Paperwhite. The newest Kindle is Amazon’s flagship eReader and it’s good. Really, really good. It keeps up the tradition of having an absolutely amazing battery life rating of up to 8 weeks but adds so ,so much more than eReaders of the past.

Let’s start with the screen. Oh, that screen! It absolutely destroys older eReaders with a much higher contrast ratio, giving the screen a much more “paper” like appearance while also adding 62% more pixels, making the text crystal clear when compared with the last generation. Here is Amazon’s comparison (and I can tell you that this comparison is true, …