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Create Art...

I'm reading listening to a book, The Icarus Deception, by Seth Godin. The point of the book is that everything that we do, everything we create is art. This could be traditional art, writing, blogging, or programming, among everything else we do—the point is, it’s all art. More importantly, art—for the first time in history—is our ticket out of the rat race. 

Security is no longer getting the ideal job at the ideal company or trading our happiness and art for this perceived security. That perceived security is a myth...take it from someone who knows. This security comes at a cost—the cost of robbing us from not only happiness, but also our creativity or our ability to create art. The book has some very intriguing thoughts, which serve as a wake up call. 

And while this is not a review of the book, I do, however, highly recommend it. This is me deciding to "write everyday," because only through “practicing” art will I get better at creating it. 

What kind of art am I looking to create? The goal is to create something in the tech/web/entrepreneur field. Stay tuned...

What kind of art do you want to get better at creating?