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How to Get a Brand New Mac on an $800 Budget

So my sister called me today and said they were going to buy a computer and her husband James was on the way to grab it right now, but "what did I think about it?" Being that I am a total Mac guy I had to convince them that a Mac was within their budget, so on their $700 dollar budget here is my recommended setup.

Apple Mac Mini is tax free from Amazon is only $568.95* as of this writing and is tax free, which depending on what state you live in will save you about twenty five dollars or more. Compare at $599 on and you will have to pay tax there.
Of course being that a Mac Mini is designed for people that either already have or want to get their own add ons, you are going to need to get a few things starting with a monitor and the two that I like are this 24 inch Asus for $159.99* or this 24 inch Samsung on Amazon for $169.99*, both are HDMI capable and full 1080P. The Asus is an LED monitor which at least in theory is better so I would lean slightly toward getting that one, both however, are highly rated on and would be at the top of my list to get if I were in the market for a monitor under $200 like my sister is.
My sister and brother in law also said they needed a CD drive for the Mac Mini and being that the Mac Mini does not have one, I found them this great Amazon Basics DVD Writer External Drive for about $36*, it is highly rated and I've had no problems with previous Amazon Basics purchase I've made.

The last thing you will need if you are getting a Mac Mini is a mouse and keyboard and this Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo is highly rated and has a great price of $38*.

All in all you can get this Mac Mini setup for about $800, which was right in my sister's budget! It helped her and I hope it helps you, thanks for reading!

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*All prices are as of the date of the writing and can change!