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Dear Apple: Please Let Sparrow For iPhone Have Push Notifications!

I absolutely love Sparrow for the Mac, being a Gmail user I find it simply amazing, and several months ago when I found out that Sparrow was bringing an iPhone app out I was pretty excited. It's not that I hate the default email client for the iPhone, I actually find it to be the best email client on a phone ever, at least until Sparrow for iPhone was released tonight. 

Sparrow for iPhone is every bit as good as Sparrow for the Mac, with one major does not support Push Notifications... 

You can read Sparrow's official explanation here, and it from what I have read in other articles it was available in beta version of the app and they said "it was fantastic" but Apple would not approve the method of push notifications that Sparrow was using. In short, Sparrow is a small startup and to use Apple's official version of push notifications it would have to store all of it's user's secure email information and it cannot handle that responsibility yet, so they found a different way to do it which Apple promptly denied. I applaud Sparrow for admitting that they can't handle that kind of secure info yet, as opposed to trying and it being hacked and stolen. 

I would ask Apple to please reconsider letting them use their alternate way of doing push notifications. Companies like Sparrow are what make the iPhone so great! 

As for me, I need push notifications so I will continue to use the default app, just waiting for the day when it has push support. With that being said I will have the Sparrow app on my main home screen so that I can use that once I know that I have an email. The gmail functionality and user interface make email fun again!  

Please spread the word with the share buttons below if you want Apple to let Sparrow do push notifications!

Will you use Sparrow for iPhone despite it not having push notifications?