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Darth Vader In A Kilt On A Unicycle Playing Bagpipes

This is awesome, cool, weird....yea I have no idea what I think of this.....

Dear Apple: Please Let Sparrow For iPhone Have Push Notifications!

I absolutely love Sparrow for the Mac, being a Gmail user I find it simply amazing, and several months ago when I found out that Sparrow was bringing an iPhone app out I was pretty excited. It's not that I hate the default email client for the iPhone, I actually find it to be the best email client on a phone ever, at least until Sparrow for iPhone was released tonight. 
Sparrow for iPhone is every bit as good as Sparrow for the Mac, with one major does not support Push Notifications... 
You can read Sparrow's official explanation here, and it from what I have read in other articles it was available in beta version of the app and they said "it was fantastic" but Apple would not approve the method of push notifications that Sparrow was using. In short, Sparrow is a small startup and to use Apple's official version of push notifications it would have to store all of it's user's secure email information and it cannot handle that responsibility yet,…

How to Get a Brand New Mac on an $800 Budget

So my sister called me today and said they were going to buy a computer and her husband James was on the way to grab it right now, but "what did I think about it?" Being that I am a total Mac guy I had to convince them that a Mac was within their budget, so on their $700 dollar budget here is my recommended setup.

Apple Mac Mini is tax free from Amazon is only $568.95* as of this writing and is tax free, which depending on what state you live in will save you about twenty five dollars or more. Compare at $599 on and you will have to pay tax there.
Of course being that a Mac Mini is designed for people that either already have or want to get their own add ons, you are going to need to get a few things starting with a monitor and the two that I like are this 24 inch Asus for $159.99* or this 24 inch Samsung on Amazon for$169.99*, both are HDMI capable and full 1080P. The Asus is an LED monitor which at least in theory is better so I would lean slightly toward gettin…

The Wampug Strikes Back


Dog's Dream Comes True

Dreams can come true, even for dogs!