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Juiced Cannabis for Erythromelalgia?

I've thought of cannabis as something that could possibly help erythromelalgia for the pain, but could using it in the raw or juiced form help even more? I don't know, I didn't even know it could be juiced. I do know that I don't rule out anything when it comes to treating erythromelalgia. 

Some highlights from the video of the effect that raw and juiced cannabis has on the body. 
  • Helps the bodies regulatory system
  • Helps all 210 cells types in the body function more effectively
  • It has potent anti-inflammatory benefits 
  • It is an antioxidant 
"It is not psychoactive as a raw plant" - This means it does not cross the blood brain barrier, which means it will not get you high. This may be looked at as a negative for some people, but for those that are looking for as something that heals and treats them, the fact that it won't interfere with how their brain functions is a very important aspect. In fact the one doctor claims that by heating it and using as a psychoactive substance you walk away from 99% of the of benefits the plant.

I find this to be a very interesting idea that needs to be looked into further. As the doctors on this video state, at the end of the day it is a vegetable, it is a plant, if it was found in an Amazon rain forest today it would be heralded as a new wonder plant, it is only because we have been raised to think that it is bad, that we have a certain negative perception about cannabis...we need to take a second look! 

Do you think that juiced and raw cannabis is something worth looking into for erythromelalgia? 


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  2. I have seen very sick patients with symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chroic pain, migrains, neuropathy and overall loss of energy regain healthiness through JUICING CANNABIS! I hope everyone can take the time to research it for themselves and spread the knowledge.


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