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Vintage Baltimore Orioles Shirt

For better or for worse (it's been mostly worse) I am a die hard O's fan who is always on the look out for great Orioles gear. This shirt is just plain awesome! 
Baltimore Orioles '47 Brand Vintage Scrum Tee via Amazon for $34.99

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

This is just plain cool!

The Amazing Spider-Mat 3D - Official Trailer

Add this to the list of must sees for 2012!

The Avengers - Extended Super Bowl Spot

Can't wait!

The Hunger Games Trailer #2

Wow does this look amazing! 
What movies can you not wait for in 2012? 

Juiced Cannabis for Erythromelalgia?

I've thought of cannabis as something that could possibly help erythromelalgia for the pain, but could using it in the raw or juiced form help even more? I don't know, I didn't even know it could be juiced. I do know that I don't rule out anything when it comes to treating erythromelalgia. 
Some highlights from the video of the effect that raw and juiced cannabis has on the body.  Helps the bodies regulatory systemHelps all 210 cells types in the body function more effectivelyIt has potent anti-inflammatory benefits It is an antioxidant  "It is not psychoactive as a raw plant" - This means it does not cross the blood brain barrier, which means it will not get you high. This may be looked at as a negative for some people, but for those that are looking for as something that heals and treats them, the fact that it won't interfere with how their brain functions is a very important aspect. In fact the one doctor claims that by heating it and using as a psycho…

Looking for Improved Gas Milage? Get a 2012 BMW 328i

Something you should know about me, I'm always looking at and researching cars, it's just something I enjoy doing, no I'm not always going to test drive them, though I do on occasion, but I'm always researching them, planning what I would get if I was in the market. 
Well, something I have looked at a lot more over the last few years while researching these cars is fuel economy, but its always been a challenge to balance my desire for power with fuel economy...BMW is looking to change that, sporting a 240HP turbo 4 cylinder engine that gets, get this, 36 miles per gallon on the highway! 
Wow, my dreams have come true, now I just have to figure out the whole cost thing, it starts at 35,795...
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What do you think?

Funny Dog Watching Table Tennis

This is just plain hilarious!