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Tim Tebow's Inspiration

In case you somehow missed it, Tim Tebow, the same guy that "they" said couldn't be a winner in highschool or in college, couldn't be drafted in the first round of the NFL and probably shouldn't even play in the NFL, let alone be a starter...started his first career playoff game on Sunday. You would think it would be hard to top what he did in the regular season, coming in and rescuing a 1-4 team and helping them to simply make the playoffs which nobody expected... well in his first ever playoff game, he beats the #1 ranked passing defense in the NFL (for non NFL fans, the biggest nock on Tebow is that he is not a great passer), has his best ever game and wins pretty dramatically...

For someone like me, who has struggled with his faith in the last few years, Tim Tebow is a light that is helping bring me back to that faith...

I will be reading his book, Through My Eyes, for sure!

I am a Redskins fan, but...GO TIM TEBOW & The Bronco's! 

Has Tim Tebow's run inspired you in any way?