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Possibly Something That Could Help Erythromelalgia & Chronic Disease?

This woman is a Doctor who became wheel chair bound with degenerative multiple sclerosis (MS). Using a form of paleo she actually seems to have cured herself of it! Her idea was that having a very nutrient rich diet void of the bad stuff would help, and wow did it ever. This is not just your average person, this is someone that is an MD, that did tons of research to try and save her own life, and after "modern medicine" failed her, she found diet...

While there is no guarantee that this well help Erythromelalgia, things like this give me hope that we can cure this disease with diet. I keep going back in our mind to our brief experience with juicing, while that was not a sustainable long term solution, those 10 days were some of the best Tracey has had in a very long time. We have personally seen more correlation with how she feels based on what she eats then with anything else. I do not know if we will be able to cure her with this, but it is something we have started to try before and this video strengthens my resolve to try it again (right this time). What I am thinking for us is to start with some kind of intense juicing to cleanse and supercharge the immune system, followed with a Paleo lifestyle...I will keep you posted on what our final plan is.  

If you are suffering with EM or any chronic disease then you may want to look into things like Paleo or Juicing...I am not a doctor, so I can't tell you that you should try this or that it will help, but it may be worth a look! 

Have you tried anything like this with your erythromelalgia or chronic disorder? Has it helped?


  1. Hi there!
    Sorry to hear of your family's suffering. I feel for you both. I have small fiber neuropathy and it has been excruciatingly painful. I am on meds but have recently started Paleo and it really seems to be helping.
    I will keep you updated if you'd like. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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