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Fly People in New York City

This is pretty cool, very creative!

Possibly Something That Could Help Erythromelalgia & Chronic Disease?

This woman is a Doctor who became wheel chair bound with degenerative multiple sclerosis (MS). Using a form of paleo she actually seems to have cured herself of it! Her idea was that having a very nutrient rich diet void of the bad stuff would help, and wow did it ever. This is not just your average person, this is someone that is an MD, that did tons of research to try and save her own life, and after "modern medicine" failed her, she found diet...
While there is no guarantee that this well help Erythromelalgia, things like this give me hope that we can cure this disease with diet. I keep going back in our mind to our brief experience with juicing, while that was not a sustainable long term solution, those 10 days were some of the best Tracey has had in a very long time. We have personally seen more correlation with how she feels based on what she eats then with anything else. I do not know if we will be able to cure her with this, but it is something we have started to try…

Joining the Fight to Stop SOPA & PIPA!

Joining thousands of other sites protesting SOPA & PIPA! 
Are you against SOPA & PIPA?

Jon Stewart Defends Ron Paul's NH Finish

Gotta ask yourself why they keep ignoring him? 
Love or hate his views, do you agree that it is wrong that the media is trying to tell us who is "electable"? 

Tim Tebow's Inspiration

In case you somehow missed it, Tim Tebow, the same guy that "they" said couldn't be a winner in highschool or in college, couldn't be drafted in the first round of the NFL and probably shouldn't even play in the NFL, let alone be a starter...started his first career playoff game on Sunday. You would think it would be hard to top what he did in the regular season, coming in and rescuing a 1-4 team and helping them to simply make the playoffs which nobody expected... well in his first ever playoff game, he beats the #1 ranked passing defense in the NFL (for non NFL fans, the biggest nock on Tebow is that he is not a great passer), has his best ever game and wins pretty dramatically...

Oh and don't even get me started on the whole John 3:16 thing...favorite Bible verse...John 3:16...pass yards against the Steelers, 316...yards per completion, 31.6... peak TV rating for the game, 31.6....amazing! 
For someone like me, who has struggled with his faith in the last…