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The Hunger Games Official Trailer 2012

The Hunger Games (if you didn't already know) is one of the best book series that I have ever read. If you haven't read it yet, go and get it here... and read it as soon as you can. I couldn't put it down! 
Have you read The Hunger Games? 

The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer 2

This looks so amazing. I loved Batman Begins & The Dark Knight and thought they were 2 of the best superhero movies ever made!

The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Hunger Games are the three movies I am most looking forward to in 2012! Thought the new Spiderman looks pretty good too.

Which movie are you most looking forward to this summer? 

Men In Black 3 - Official Trailer

Men In Black 3 is coming next spring. Preview looks entertaining, though as far as Will Smith goes, I'm still waiting for Independence Day 2! 
Do you think that MIB 3 will be a good movie? 

Sean Quigley - Little Drummer Boy

This is just awesome, and Little Drummer Boy is one of my least favorite Christmas Songs! 

The Ultimate Green Smoothie

A few months back I started making a green smoothie for my wife's breakfast. We were hoping it would help with her Erythromlalgia. And where I do think that it has been part of improving her over all body health which in turn has at least somewhat helped her Erythromelalgia, it has not cured her. Anyway's my initial reaction to the shake was, man was it disgusting looking but if it helped, we were all in....then I tasted it and it has been my breakfast almost every day for the last 5 months or so. It is just so good! Oh and it's healthy too...

Here is how we make our Ultimate Green Smoothie.

Ingredients for two 24oz shakes

1.One whole lime - feel free to add another one if you want it super limey

2.One whole ripe avocado - this make the shake nice and creamy

3.One big handful of spinach leaves

4. Four 1/3-1/2 full droppers of Stevia Clear Liquid - you can get it at WholeFoods but I've found its almost half the price on Amazon.

5. 1 scoop Amazing GreenSuperFood- you can get …