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Awesome Cyber Monday TV Deal

UPDATE 2: It appears that the deal is back on as of 3:33PM on Tuesday 11/29/11 - I don't know how long it will last this time, but it is back for $525 as of now! 

I love my Panasonic Plasma TV's, I have a 42" in the bedroom and a 60" inch in the living room. And when I just saw The Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S30 1080p Plasma HDTV for only $525 today, I had to at least bring it up!

And while this TV may not be the top of the line it is a really good TV for an awesome price! If you are looking for a TV in the five hundred dollar price range then look no further!

I have had my 60" Panasonic for a few months and my 42" Panasonic for a few years and have had zero problems with either of them, and the Plasma TV picture quality is amazing. And my delivery experience through Amazon has always been great.

There are many debates on how much you really need to spend on and HDMI cable, as they can be quite pricey. However, I've feel that the one listed below for around 8 dollars works perfectly for me! 

You can read my previous post on purchasing my 60" TV here which goes into more details on why I chose the Panasonic! 

UPDATE: This item is no longer available at this price, it's now $628.00, still an OK deal, but not amazing....

I hope this deal helps someone get a good TV for a great price! 


  1. Grr. Wish I wasn't too late. Sounds like a good deal. I want to find this specific tv but don't want to buy it at full price. Office Depot is currently offering this tv for $572.95. However, they're out of stock and I'm not sure if they'll get more. I know if I keep looking, I'll find something..


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