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Awesome Cyber Monday TV Deal

UPDATE 2: It appears that the deal is back on as of 3:33PM on Tuesday 11/29/11 - I don't know how long it will last this time, but it is back for $525 as of now! 

I love my Panasonic Plasma TV's, I have a 42" in the bedroom and a 60" inch in the living room. And when I just saw The Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S30 1080p Plasma HDTV for only $525 today, I had to at least bring it up!

And while this TV may not be the top of the line it is a really good TV for an awesome price! If you are looking for a TV in the five hundred dollar price range then look no further!

I have had my 60" Panasonic for a few months and my 42" Panasonic for a few years and have had zero problems with either of them, and the Plasma TV picture quality is amazing. And my delivery experience through Amazon has always been great.
Click this link to get this TV on
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The Best iPhone Case

A little back story on my iPhone case journey. I am not an easy person to please when it comes to my iPhone cases, through the different versions of the iPhone and continuing with the iPhone 4, I have gone through no less that a dozen different cases. I wanted something that looked good, protected my phone good, and was not bulky at all.

Thankfully after years of searching I have finally found my perfect case, a case that I have finally stuck with longer than a week. The perfect combination of a slim minimal look, pretty decent protection & a price that be can’t be beat.

What is this perfect case, it is the elago S4 Slim Fit.  So why do I love this case. For starters it’s about $10 bucks on Amazon and comes in about a dozen different colors, so you have a lot of choices, and for what you would normally pay for a normal case at the Apple store you could get three different colors to match your changing moods, if that's what you're in to.

Yes the case is on in this picture