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Rant: Erythromelalgia & Inconsiderate People

A girl with EM ranting about dealing with Erythromelalgia, and more specifically how other people react to it in public. People really do this, and I know that it is because they don't truly understand how horrible this condition is and some of the "strange" things that have to done to make a trip into the world bearable. 

It is something for everyone to think about, when you see someone doing something "different" or "strange" in public, it may just be because they have a condition that you don't know about and they are doing it to reduce or avoid pain. They may just be trying to survive. 

So the next time you see someone sitting in the waiting room with a fan blowing on their feet, just be happy it's not you...oh and say a little prayer for that person! 


  1. Has your wife seen a neurologist? My symptoms, which thankfully for me, do not seem as severe as hers, and I have been started on a regimen of notriptyline. In a few days I will be starting lyrica as well.

    This is a very painful and upsetting disease, and it sounds like you are helping her stay positive. The positive thinking I get from my husband, my family and my friends has really been the one thing that has kept me hopeful throughout this.

    We are in NoVa also, and I can pass along my neurologist's name if you'd like.

  2. I would love to get that info from you as we have not seen a neurologist yet. Though we have thought about it. Where in NOVA do you live?


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