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Jedi Kittens (Funny Video)

I don't normally post cat video's but this is funny.

Ultimate Batting Practice (AMAZING)

This is just unreal!

Anne Hathaway's Lil' Wayne Style Paparazzi Rap

The Great Kitchen Purge

So, as I've mentionedbefore, we are trying to eat healthier. Tracey is on the The pH Miracle diet to hopefully cure or at least help her EM. And me? Well, I'm doing it to support her while knowing that it will be better for me, too.

Yes, I know it does not look that bad, it's because I started purging it a few days ago!
But, while I want to eat healthy (wanting is different than doing), we have a lot of not-so-good-for-you food left in the house. I feel bad just chucking it, so as I phase in my part of the healthy eating, I will phase out the other food in the house.

Over the next few weeks, I will be eating everything that isn't super unhealthy. (The twinkles, sadly, are already trashed). This will include cleaning out the fridge, freezer, and pantry to make room for more healthful food options.

Let the Great Kitchen Purge begin!

When/if you started eating healthy, did you find it hard to get rid of that bad-for-you stuff? Any suggestions on successfully succeeding wi…

Homemade Soup at 10PM

Making Tracey some homemade soup for her veggie diet (we ran out of the stuff I made on Thursday), of course I decided to wait till 10PM.

Any suggestions on good veggie/ vegan soups?

The Doorbell

Alexander Ovechkin Top 10 Goals

I am so ready for the 2011-12 Hockey Season and after watching this highlight video of some of Ovechkin's best goals, I can't wait even more! LETS GO CAPS! 
Where do you think the Caps will finish up this season? How many goals will Ovechkin score after the down year he had last year? 

Erythromelalgia, Methadone & Birth Control?!?

This is a video that I found on something that may help EM. The drug she went on is Methadone. Even more interesting, is something that is in the comments section for this video, where someone talks about going on birth control (more specifically YAZ) right around the time that their EM flared up.

Tracey also went on YAZ....and then got EM. I am not sure if they are related but I have now seen this relation mentioned several times and am starting to wonder about a connection here...

Were you on birth control before at anytime before your Erythromelalgia started? 

Rant: Erythromelalgia & Inconsiderate People

A girl with EM ranting about dealing with Erythromelalgia, and more specifically how other people react to it in public. People really do this, and I know that it is because they don't truly understand how horrible this condition is and some of the "strange" things that have to done to make a trip into the world bearable. 
It is something for everyone to think about, when you see someone doing something "different" or "strange" in public, it may just be because they have a condition that you don't know about and they are doing it to reduce or avoid pain. They may just be trying to survive. 
So the next time you see someone sitting in the waiting room with a fan blowing on their feet, just be happy it's not you...oh and say a little prayer for that person! 

Walking On Fire - Video on Erythromelalgia

This is an interesting video on EM, thought it does seem to be more focusing on the genetic version which we don't think that Tracey has. However as with everything regarding EM, it is just a guess that she does not have the genetic kind (based on the fact that no one else in her family has it). 

Help With Tracey's Erythromelalgia

Hey Everyone,
As you may or may not know, Tracey (my wife) has a condition called Erythromelalgia (EM for short). This condition is very painful and debilitating and sadly Tracey is all but bed ridden at this point.

Our Wedding in June of 2006 (Before EM)
With that being said we have not accepted this as forever (despite it being very rare and no "cure" that we know of), so I am asking for everyone's help. If you know of anyone in the medical field (in any capacity, DR, Researcher etc.) please ask them about this condition and see if they know anything that may help (it is very rare and hard to find Dr's that have even heard of it). If you think you have heard of some natural cure (no matter how crazy it may sound) for conditions that even vaguely sound like EM please let us know, even if it is a "cure everything" cure, because it may be at least worth us checking out. If you think of anything that may help us, please let me know, we are looking for any ideas. T…