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My Top 5 (Newer) Super Hero Movies!

The Rules:

1. Newer - Had to come out in or after the year 2000
2. Has to be a real movie, not a parody or cartoon
3. Has to be out on BluRay or DVD at the time of this writing (Can't be in Theatre's) 

5. Spiderman


This was probably the toughest choice in this list, as I was having trouble deciding between Spiderman or Spiderman 2...but I decided to give the nod to the original mainly because it was first and because I love seeing how these superheroes got their starts. I think this movie does a great job portraying how Spiderman got his powers and his internal struggles with guilt. A truly great Superhero movie.

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4. X-Men


In my opinion this is the movie that restarted the superhero craze. And while I'm highlighting the first one, I could have easily put any or all of the 3 X-Men movies on this list. The story portrayed in X-Men is excellent, all the character casting is great (highlighted by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine of course) and the movie raised the bar on what a superhero movie needed to be.

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3. Batman Begins


Until the Dark Knight Came out a few years later this was far and away my favorite Batman movie (and favorite Superhero movie as well). Christian Bale is awesome as the caped crusader and the movie is without equal when filling you in on how Batman came about. A masterpiece.

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2. Dark Knight


Between an awesome story line and Heath Ledger playing the best version of the Joker ever (by a long shot), this movie could have easily been my number one and is on some days...

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And My Number One Favorite Superhero Movie of all time is....

1. Iron Man


Iron Man has an awesome script, great casting and this combined with the fact that I went into it with ZERO expectations (was seing it because I loved superhero moves)...I was then totally wowed by every scene. Robert Downey Jr. was amazing as Tony Stark and the movie is just straight up fun to watch and great in all ways.

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Ok, let me know what you think, do you agree with my list? If not what are your top 5 Superhero movies (following the rules at the top of the post)?