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My Top 5 (Newer) Super Hero Movies!

The Rules:

1. Newer - Had to come out in or after the year 2000
2. Has to be a real movie, not a parody or cartoon
3. Has to be out on BluRay or DVD at the time of this writing (Can't be in Theatre's) 
5. Spiderman


This was probably the toughest choice in this list, as I was having trouble deciding between Spiderman or Spiderman 2...but I decided to give the nod to the original mainly because it was first and because I love seeing how these superheroes got their starts. I think this movie does a great job portraying how Spiderman got his powers and his internal struggles with guilt. A truly great Superhero movie.

Get Spiderman on
Or the Spiderman Trilogy on

Harrison Ford Settles a Fued

Power Outage

So we have a power outage here in Northern Virginia. Which for those of you who don't know makes things a lot harder for Tracey and her Erythromelalgia.

Luckily her parents are almost here and will have a hotel room so if it does not come on soon then we can go there.

Does anyone with EM have any suggestions on handling power outages?

What is Chelada?

So I was at the grocery store and saw this...upon further research it appears to be some nasty mixture of beer, tomato juice and clam juice. Sounds gross but who knows. Oh, and I wrote this post while in line at the grocery store, I love technology!

[Update] Heard from one of my twitter buddys that it was discontinued after only three months, so if you want to try it, you better hurry!

What do you guys think?

Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Trailer

I personally cannot wait for this, and if you can't either then pre-order the complete Star Wars set on Amazon with the link below! 
Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

What is Google+ (Yes You Need It)?

Burzynski: Cancer is a Serious Business - Official 2011 Release

Interesting documentary on the big business of cancer treatment. It's very sad to say the least.

A Positive Change? (Erythromelalgia)

So over the past 2 weeks or so, for some reason that we have not figured out, there has been an actual improvement in Tracey's symptoms. She is still in bed most of the day, but she has actually been having fewer flares each day.
So because of this slight improvement, we are trying to figure out what we have done differently over the past few weeks. Looking back we have actually changed a few things and do have a few ideas of what may be helping. Yes it could be complete randomness causing the improvement, but for tracking sake, here is what we have changed and were hoping is actually helping.
Picture By Chiot's Run 1. No Vinegar - this may seem strange but Tracey used to consume a ton of Vinegar, she put it on everything. And after reading the PH Diet, it was one of the things to eliminate. Now while we have not completely enacted the PH diet, we are trying to do at least some of it. So maybe the elimination of Vinegar is helping her bodies over all PH levels which is a reaso…

"Captain America" (1990) Trailer

Hunger Games: The Second Quarter Quell Movie