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Pioneer's New App Radio

Pioneer has just released their new App Radio, which is a completely new take on your in car connectivity experience. Someone finally asked, why do you need a head unit that can do things like GPS, internet radio and such on their own, when your phone does all of those things anyways.

Pioneer realizing more and more people will not pay to have those units when their phones could already do it decided to connect the phone to the head unit and bridge the gap between your car and your mobile phone!

With this new unit you just connect it to your iPhone (Running iOS4+) and you can have approved apps (like GPS and Pandora) from your iPhone on the 6.1 inch screen that works just like your iPhone's screen (meaning you can pinch and swype) where on older touch screens you were limited to just taping icons. All for under $400 dollars on! An Android version is coming, though I am not sure if this will simply be a software addition or new hardware from Pioneer.

I have to say, I am pretty excited about this product even though I have not laid eyes on it yet or used it at all. I feel it will revolutionize the in car connectivity experience. The Pioneer App Radio is at the top of my wish list for sure. My one concern is how much it will cost to get it installed, though I am hearing that it should be under $100 which is not to bad. 

So tell me, do you have this yet, do you want this? Do you think that it will revolutionize in car connectivity? 


  1. I think it very well could. I am slightly biased towards Android so I really am wanting to see that version so bad. I'm very jealous of you guys with iphones who can currently use this thing. I did use it in person because my bud got one in his 06 Mustang and I must tell you it has a gorgeous screen and seemed very fluid!

  2. I just found another video about it:
    the integration of the aupeo iphone app (which is by the way a really nice online radio, seems to work fine. Anyone tried it?


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