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I Want to be Wealthy!

I used to want to be rich, really rich, for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to buy cars, gadgets and toys of all kinds. Then with Tracey getting sick with EM, that goal no longer seemed important.

Photo by Paulo Keller

But recently I have started to rethink that goal. I may no longer want to be rich for the toys, I want to be rich for the flexibility and the treatment options that it could bring for my wife's condition.

Everyday I'm realizing more and more that wealth to be wealthy is no longer my goal, but that if I can achieve at least a healthy level of wealth, then I will have the financial security and the means to better pursue a cure for Tracey. Does it guarantee finding a cure? Sadly no, but it will give me more time to search and the ability to afford trying any treatment options that may come along.

I want to be rich again.

Do you want to be rich? Why?