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I Want to be Wealthy!

I used to want to be rich, really rich, for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to buy cars, gadgets and toys of all kinds. Then with Tracey getting sick with EM, that goal no longer seemed important.

Photo by Paulo Keller
But recently I have started to rethink that goal. I may no longer want to be rich for the toys, I want to be rich for the flexibility and the treatment options that it could bring for my wife's condition.

Everyday I'm realizing more and more that wealth to be wealthy is no longer my goal, but that if I can achieve at least a healthy level of wealth, then I will have the financial security and the means to better pursue a cure for Tracey. Does it guarantee finding a cure? Sadly no, but it will give me more time to search and the ability to afford trying any treatment options that may come along.

I want to be rich again.

Do you want to be rich? Why? 

Next Steps in the Battle VS Erythromelalgia

As everyone and anyone that knows me or has read this blog on any kind of consistent basis knows, my wife Tracey suffers from a disease knows as Erythromelalgia, or EM for short. Feel free to catch up on what I've already written on this

This post is on our next step in the battle against EM. Over the last 4-5 months one of the things that we have been trying is eating an extremely healthy diet (OK she eats it and I eat junk) that is basically sugar, gluten, cow dairy (goat and sheep dairy were OK'd) and also as natural as possible. The idea was to improve the bodies health and maybe it would help. Did it work at all, honestly we are not really sure, it may have helped a little (something we noticed when she got noticeably worse this past week when she cheated on her diet with Five Guys Burgers, among other things.

photo by Lady Madonna
So basically seeing her get worse on the junk has given us at least some hope that eating an even more intensely healthy diet …

Pioneer's New App Radio

Pioneer has just released their new App Radio, which is a completely new take on your in car connectivity experience. Someone finally asked, why do you need a head unit that can do things like GPS, internet radio and such on their own, when your phone does all of those things anyways.

Pioneer realizing more and more people will not pay to have those units when their phones could already do it decided to connect the phone to the head unit and bridge the gap between your car and your mobile phone!

With this new unit you just connect it to your iPhone (Running iOS4+) and you can have approved apps (like GPS and Pandora) from your iPhone on the 6.1 inch screen that works just like your iPhone's screen (meaning you can pinch and swype) where on older touch screens you were limited to just taping icons. All for under $400 dollars on! An Android version is coming, though I am not sure if this will simply be a software addition or new hardware from Pioneer.

I have to say, I am …

Dark Knight Rises Teaser?

This supposedly was taken in a theatre in Italy, no one can seem to authenticate it but it seems legit!

Panera Bread: Açaí Berry Iced Tea

Why I got it:

Had some time to kill and it looked refreshing. It is a regular fountain drink on the menu as well so it has free refills.

Cost: $1.79

Quick Thoughts:

It was inexpensive and refreshing with just the perfect hint of berry. I prefer mine unsweetened but you can add sugar if you would like.

Would I Get This Again:



The combination of cost and refreshment was perfect. I love good iced tea. There regular black tea is also very good but this was the first time I've seen this flavor here.

Where have you found good Iced tea?

Milky Way's Simply Caramel

Photo By: theimpulsivebuy Why I got it:

This was an impulse buy to cure a sugar craving, and it sounded pretty tasty.



My quick thoughts:

The candy bar just tasted bland, the chocolate was just so so and the caramel seemed to not have much taste, maybe it was a bad bar or it just was not very good.

Would I Get This Again:



It did not satisfy my craving at all, due to its pretty bland taste, so I will just stick with Butterfingers, Snickers or Reses in the future.

Photo By: ohdearbarb
Do you agree with my assessment of the Milky Way Caramel bar?