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Amazon Kindle Vs Barnes and Noble Nook

Photo by johncatral
So you're in the market for an eReader but have no idea which you should to get. You know you want a lightweight designated reading device—not an iPad or other tablet. The top two choices when it comes to eReaders are the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook. So which did I choose after careful research and as much hands-on time as I could manage? (Read: After driving from store to store in order to play with each device.) 

Read on for my list of pros and cons, the major deciding factors, and my top pick.

Why you should buy a Kindle:
  • Faster page turns
  • Better screen contrast
  • It's almost half as thick as the Nook
  • It’s lighter
  • Full keyboard for notes and highlighting
  • At $139 it's slightly less expensive than the Nook, which starts at $149
  • I use Amazon for everything so it was easy add this to the list
  • 30-day battery life (with a color touchscreen, the Nook's battery only lasts 7 to 10 days)
Reasons to buy the Nook:
Photo by AMDavidson
  • Uses the standard eBook format, which (in theory) gives you more flexibility when downloading books
  • Color screen for other applications and games
  • Runs Android at its core, which is really only important if you want to hack it
  • Some people may like its thicker more solid build, though the Kindle is very solid
  • A much simpler design than the Kindle
So which should you pick? Both are good devices, but I went with the Kindle and would recommend that over the Nook. Out of all the factors above, the things that really swayed me to the Kindle were the faster page turns, better contrast ratio, and the super slim size. I already have enough things in my messenger bag, so making this as thin and light as possible was huge plus for me. I want to take your advice and enjoy a new Kindle.
Photo by johncatral
I bought the case pictured above in black with blue edges. I love that it protects the device and, I'll be honest, the fact that it goes with my messanger bag. You can find it here if you like.
If you feel the pros of the Nook out way the cons then head on over to Barnes & Noble and feel free to pick up a Nook. It's still a great eReader.

Which did you choose? Leave your thoughts in the comments...