Would I buy it again: Note 8

The Note 8, would I buy it again? Am I keeping it? And why ...

There are a lot of things I love about the Note 8, the screen is amazing, it's amazingly easy to hold in one hand for a phone with a 6.3-inch screen and it's a very smooth version of Android despite its Touchwiz roots... This will also be the first of an ongoing series of mini tech reviews, shorter reviews summarizing if I would get whatever product again... so here goes, would I get the Note 8 again and did I keep it for my daily life?

Maybe...but probably not...

I did not keep this device as my daily device or even use it for that long due to one glaring issue... If you don't find this to be an issue then this is a great phone? If you do then it is something very difficult to overlook because, despite all of its positives, great camera, great screen, smooth experience ... the fingerprint scanners placement is utterly terrible, the single most unintuitive place I could imagine. I am constantly placing my finger on the camera lens, as they are side by side, and this is magnified, by the fact that I am right handed and my pointer finger not only has to reach for the fingerprint reader, as it is near the top, but I also have to reach across the camera to hit the sensor... Something I have been unable to get over even a little, let alone becoming something I just do without thinking! I find that often times I am partially flipping the phone over just to put my finger on the sensor and this has been infuriating... It's kind of sad, as otherwise, this is a fantastic phone, even down to the Android skin, formerly known as TouchWiz, which I somehow actually preferred as my default launcher. 

Back to the iPhone X. I may give the Pixel 2 XL another try, hoping thatthe screen issues were fixed... Something they said they updated, the day after I returned mine...


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