Genetic Roulette -- The Gamble of Our Lives

The more research I do on GMO's the more I am sure they are not only horrible for most of us, but they probably have something to do with my wife's Erythromelalgia as well.  


  1. I agree with you on the GMO. Also wanted to give you a heads up on the erythromelalgia issue. My doctors are testing me for something called periodic paralysis which is a channelopathy. One of the genes involved is a sodium channel gene. Erythromelalgia is also caused by a sodium channel gene. I found it strange that the two conditions are both on sodium-related genes. If your wife has any symptoms of periodic paralysis, please let her know. Maybe I am not the only one with erythromelalgia who also may have periodic paralysis. Perhaps treatment for PP could help erythromelalgia as well, who knows. Hope she is doing well. Kristen

  2. The migraines portion of the Wikipedia article is very interesting, because that is something my wife did have... Something to look at for sure! Thanks!


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