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Quick Review - Kindle Paper White

Even as recently as a year ago there were a lot of trade-offs you had to make if you were a hard core reader using an eReader. Sure, you got great battery life and a whole library right in your hands, but—let’s face it—the screens on the old eReaders left something to be desired … to say the least. Gray, pixilated and slow, they were about as far from a real book as you could get.

Enter the Kindle Paperwhite. The newest Kindle is Amazon’s flagship eReader and it’s good. Really, really good. It keeps up the tradition of having an absolutely amazing battery life rating of up to 8 weeks but adds so ,so much more than eReaders of the past.

Let’s start with the screen. Oh, that screen! It absolutely destroys older eReaders with a much higher contrast ratio, giving the screen a much more “paper” like appearance while also adding 62% more pixels, making the text crystal clear when compared with the last generation. Here is Amazon’s comparison (and I can tell you that this comparison is true, that it’s night and day between the two screens).

Speaking of night: Worried about reading in the dark with clip-on lights that do a better job illuminating the room than the screen? The Kindle Paperwhite has you covered there too, keeping you from disturbing those around you with innovative new screen technology that targets the built-in light down toward the screen, from within the screen, as opposed to outward into the room. It’s pretty impressive.

So who is it for? The Kindle Paperwhite is a great choice for those who do a lot of reading, especially on the go, and want a device that lasts a long time and has a great screen. It’s also great for those who may not be complete bookworms but like to disconnect from the …

Sorry, I had to check my e-mail again. Where was I? Right. It’s for people who might want to get away from the distractions available while reading on a tablet. You can, of course, sync all of your books with the Kindle App on your mobile devices and computers for those times when you want to do some quick reading and don’t have your Kindle with you. I liked my past Kindles, but I love my Kindle Paperwhite and highly recommend it.

Need more? Amazon Prime is, simply put, awesome. You not only get free two-day shipping on most Amazon products, but you now get their lending library with hundreds of thousands of books that you can borrow for free. Not to mention the fact that instant video streaming includes movies like The Avengers, which you get free now as well. I still can’t believe that it’s only $79 per year for all that. Mind: blown.


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