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Erythromelalgia Update

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve put out an update on Tracey’s erythromelalgia. Why? Frankly, we have been in a bit of a holding pattern after not having that much success. At a certain point, trying diet after diet, treatment after treatment, without much in the way of results can get very mentally and physically exhausting. In short, we’ve haven't done anything, except try and eat healthy and drink a lot of smoothies over the last few months.

The positive to report in this is that in the last few months to a year, there has not really been any progression in either direction: The condition isn’t getting worse or better. That second part we are obviously not happy about. The EM has us basically in the same position as it did a year ago. Tracey all but stays in bed, working from home and doing her writing thing. We continue to just try and control the condition.

That is our update. Sometimes you just need a break. We do hope to get some kind of treatment plan rolling again soon. We still want to beat this stupid disease.


  1. Hello Matt, My name is Eli. I am a certified Detoxification Specialist trained by one of the greatest healers/naturopaths of all time, Dr. Robert Morse. He has trained me in the same protocols that he uses on his clients. He has seen several hundred thousand people over the past 40 years, and has helped people help themselves with all sorts of different health issues. He basically educates them how to fix themselves. This is what I do. I am no doctor and have absolutely no medical training whatsoever. I am working with a client right now that has EM, and we are having amazing results and good progress only 1 month into the protocol. She very much had the same symptoms as your wife and they continue to go away. She spent 2 years working with many doctors including the Mayo clinic. She's also tried alternative therapies as well. She's tried bio feedback machines, ionic foot baths, alternative therapies of all sorts with absolutely no success...
    Heavy amounts of juicing will probably make a difference and the Gerson Therapy has probably had success in this field. But it is very rigorous, and involves coffee enemas many times a day along with an all juice diet.. The Gerson Therapy will probably help do to the fact that she'll be consuming copious amounts of raw food, and this is the basis of what I do. and what Dr. Morse does. Raw foods is the bare minimum. It does not have to be juice, though that can be very helpful. I personally think the herbs are key, and that is the reason why we are getting such quick results. I've seen raw foods help a lot of people with a lot of conditions- some minor, some extreme- but it's more about what not to eat really. I will talk with my client and see if it's ok to put you two in touch, and you can talk about it. It's the real deal. She has been able to stand for hours in the kitchen after workShe could walk around the Target store for the first time in 2 years walked around the entire store with no flare ups.,, the a.c. in her car that she had to have blasted on her feet has gone up from 60 to 71 and sometimes she turns it off she said, she watched an entire movie without having a fan blowing on her feet. She's making quick progress, much faster than I anticipated. and I can't say your wife or anyone else with EM would get these same results, because every case is unique to that individual, but it's worth putting out there to all of you guys, because I know what may client has told me about her symptoms and how terrible it actually is, and I'm just happy to help. The information that I aquired from my mentor is priceless and I'm guessing will probably help you.. If you want to find information about what I do you can email me at and I will ask my client if maybe she can buzz in to this blog.and tell you guys what she is experiencing first hand.. and if you don't do any of the above, I highly recommend you watch these videos by Dr. Morse and learn how to find remedy. Please note, these videos may not be up for long, last week youtube deleted 600 of his videos overnight, for an unknown reason. Good luck. Blessings. Eli

    1. I actually just saw someone post something about this on an EM Facebook page and found out that it is the person you are helping. I am going to talk to them! Thanks!!! I will look into this for sure!

    2. Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a whole web site dedicated to coffee enemas. They work. Rid your gut of toxins. Eliminating synthetic b6 from my diet...meaning fortified foods and supplements.... made ALL the difference. It actually interferes with just about everything in the body. It took another 6 months and EM is gone...knock on wood.

  2. Hi Matt,
    I've been suffering from EM for four years now. It started along with several other health problems after having a long stint with a mystery virus. Although most of the other problems have gotten better over the years, the EM has not. I really feel for your wife. EM has turned my life upside down. I know it is such a struggle, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. People just don't understand the torture of it unless they have it and that can feel really lonely. I have made myself crazy trying to change things and find a fix. That in itself would be exhausting, even if you were healthy, let alone when you are struggling with the EM and other health problems that often accompany it. I understand sometimes you have to take a break and try to focus on something else besides EM for a while but of course that is hard to do when it is always there taunting you. I'm glad your wife has your support and help. Thanks for posting your experiences. I wish the best for you and your wife!

    1. Hopefully by posting experiences we can get the word out and one day find a cure!

  3. Hi Matt,
    I wrote to you on a different page, but im not sure if it published! I have found help for EM! I have this awful condition, I've been prescribed, Midodrine 2.5mg 3 times a day, and it is helping!!
    I'm happy to share more if you or your wife would like to email me,


  4. Hi Matt, I too wrote you on another page about synthetic B6, toxicity and EM.

  5. Hello I am writing to you from Switzerland. I suffered with this problem with my feet for about a year, then I read about someone who had tried O 'Keefes healthy foot cream which had worked for them. I had some sent from the US as I can't get it here, and I now use it nearly every night and hardly ever have a problem, sometimes a slight itching that goes away by morning. You have nothing to lose.....try it....and let me know if it helps your wife.

  6. Started taking Venlafexine about 2 years ago. 75mg per day. Gives me about a 90% improvement. Once or twice a year I have a flare up that lasts 3-4 days. Dramatic change


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