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Project Matt's Simple Review: Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch with a Timbuk2 Case

Well built, slim & attractive hardware
Vast eBook Library (Many for Free)
Simple & clean user interface 
1 free book per month with Amazon Prime Membership (5,000+ titles that include titles like The Hunger Games)

The Back

Interface and page turns seem slightly slower than the Nook Touch
(This seems to have been fixed in this software update)
Kindle books can't be moved (easily) to non Kindle eBook readers.

Should you get it?  

Yes, though I have to say you would be happy with either the Nook Simple Touch or The Kindle Touch . I choose The Kindle Touch because I love the look and feel of The Kindle Touch when compared to the Nook Touch. I love Amazon's services and as a Prime Member, the one book per month can't be beat. So while I feel both are fairly equal eReaders, the hardware and Amazon service made me choose The Kindle Touch.

See more photos here!

The Kindle Touch is on Amazon starting at only $99

If you would like additional details on my experience using the Kindle Touch, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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