Primal Day 1 - Breakfast

Today is the day that we start our Paleo/Primal journey journey. I hope that it will not only improve my health but also improve and hopefully cure my wife of her chronic condition, erythromelalgia. In todays world of processed foods, bread and sugars I know this will be exceedingly difficult, but worth it if we can succeed.

Breakfast on day one is pretty simple, as we have been having The Ultimate Green Smoothie for breakfast for the past several months already. Hopefully this is the year of health for both of us.

This is the cookbook we will be using to start off and planning our meals from with more resources added as we go along.

I am going to try and post as much as I can on what we are eating, at least until the meals starts to repeat.

If you have any suggestions for our Paleo/Primal meals, please post them below.


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