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Primal Part 2...

So a while back I decided to eat healthier and went on the Primal diet...yea didn't work out, mainly due to my love of bread.

Anyways, I decided to try again and started it this week, hopefully it will go better this time.

Just a little video I saw today on the diet....

Matt's 12 Must Have (Free) iPhone Apps*

The ultimate note taking app. Sync notes, pictures and voice memos automatically between your computer (Mac or PC), read your notes in the browser and share them with friends. Make sure you pair this with Evernote's web clipper for your browser of choice. You can also upgrade to the premium version for some added features, but I get along just fine with the amazing free version.

Waze Social networking meets navigation and they fall in love. Their love child is Waze, a great Navigation app that just keeps getting better as more people join. With every new user the apps becomes more  and more useful as users update others with notifications regarding traffic, construction and other hazards, all to help each other get places faster.



There is a reason that Facebook paid around a billion dollars for the company that made this app. The app is the perfect social network of sharing photos. Built in filters make it fun and easy to bring out the photographer…

New Bourne Legacy Trailer

World's Best Bartender

As someone that has bartended...there are NO words!

Star Wars Main Title Theme (Vocal Cover)

This is just incredible. The talent needed to put all this together is simply amazing.

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer #3

Cannot wait to see this movie!

Brilliant Minimalist Superhero Posters

Source: via Ana on Pinterest

Darth Vader In A Kilt On A Unicycle Playing Bagpipes

This is awesome, cool, weird....yea I have no idea what I think of this.....

Fuse Bistro

Fuse Bistro in Lowell, MA has the best burger I've ever had, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love burgers.

They also have an excellent beer, wine & drink selection!

If your ever in Lowell, MA, be sure to check them out

Dear Apple: Please Let Sparrow For iPhone Have Push Notifications!

I absolutely love Sparrow for the Mac, being a Gmail user I find it simply amazing, and several months ago when I found out that Sparrow was bringing an iPhone app out I was pretty excited. It's not that I hate the default email client for the iPhone, I actually find it to be the best email client on a phone ever, at least until Sparrow for iPhone was released tonight. 
Sparrow for iPhone is every bit as good as Sparrow for the Mac, with one major does not support Push Notifications... 
You can read Sparrow's official explanation here, and it from what I have read in other articles it was available in beta version of the app and they said "it was fantastic" but Apple would not approve the method of push notifications that Sparrow was using. In short, Sparrow is a small startup and to use Apple's official version of push notifications it would have to store all of it's user's secure email information and it cannot handle that responsibility yet,…

How to Get a Brand New Mac on an $800 Budget

So my sister called me today and said they were going to buy a computer and her husband James was on the way to grab it right now, but "what did I think about it?" Being that I am a total Mac guy I had to convince them that a Mac was within their budget, so on their $700 dollar budget here is my recommended setup.

Apple Mac Mini is tax free from Amazon is only $568.95* as of this writing and is tax free, which depending on what state you live in will save you about twenty five dollars or more. Compare at $599 on and you will have to pay tax there.
Of course being that a Mac Mini is designed for people that either already have or want to get their own add ons, you are going to need to get a few things starting with a monitor and the two that I like are this 24 inch Asus for $159.99* or this 24 inch Samsung on Amazon for$169.99*, both are HDMI capable and full 1080P. The Asus is an LED monitor which at least in theory is better so I would lean slightly toward gettin…

The Wampug Strikes Back


SimCity is Back in 2013

This looks awesome!

Dog's Dream Comes True

Dreams can come true, even for dogs!

Awake - Full Pilot

Awake is a new show that Premiers on NBC on March 1st about a man that loses both his wife and son in an auto accident...problem is they are each lost in the accident in separate dreams and it appears only one is reality...he's just not sure which... 
The first premier episode available now on youtube is very interesting and a pretty neat concept. 
Check it out above! 
What did you think of the pilot episode of Awake? 

The Redskins in Another Lifetime!

In another life time was the Good Ol' Days!
Will we ever see this again for the Redskins?

Vintage Baltimore Orioles Shirt

For better or for worse (it's been mostly worse) I am a die hard O's fan who is always on the look out for great Orioles gear. This shirt is just plain awesome! 
Baltimore Orioles '47 Brand Vintage Scrum Tee via Amazon for $34.99

The Bourne Legacy - Official Trailer (2012)

Matt Damon is gone, but the Bourne Legacy lives on! This looks pretty good!
Will the Bourne movies be as good without Matt Damon? 

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

This is just plain cool!

2013 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang

I want, that is all....

The Amazing Spider-Mat 3D - Official Trailer

Add this to the list of must sees for 2012!

The Avengers - Extended Super Bowl Spot

Can't wait!

The Hunger Games Trailer #2

Wow does this look amazing! 
What movies can you not wait for in 2012? 

Juiced Cannabis for Erythromelalgia?

I've thought of cannabis as something that could possibly help erythromelalgia for the pain, but could using it in the raw or juiced form help even more? I don't know, I didn't even know it could be juiced. I do know that I don't rule out anything when it comes to treating erythromelalgia. 
Some highlights from the video of the effect that raw and juiced cannabis has on the body.  Helps the bodies regulatory systemHelps all 210 cells types in the body function more effectivelyIt has potent anti-inflammatory benefits It is an antioxidant  "It is not psychoactive as a raw plant" - This means it does not cross the blood brain barrier, which means it will not get you high. This may be looked at as a negative for some people, but for those that are looking for as something that heals and treats them, the fact that it won't interfere with how their brain functions is a very important aspect. In fact the one doctor claims that by heating it and using as a psycho…

They Found Millenium Falcon?!?

Sure does look like the Falcon, doesn't it? 

Looking for Improved Gas Milage? Get a 2012 BMW 328i

Something you should know about me, I'm always looking at and researching cars, it's just something I enjoy doing, no I'm not always going to test drive them, though I do on occasion, but I'm always researching them, planning what I would get if I was in the market. 
Well, something I have looked at a lot more over the last few years while researching these cars is fuel economy, but its always been a challenge to balance my desire for power with fuel economy...BMW is looking to change that, sporting a 240HP turbo 4 cylinder engine that gets, get this, 36 miles per gallon on the highway! 
Wow, my dreams have come true, now I just have to figure out the whole cost thing, it starts at 35,795...
Source Link
What do you think?

Funny Dog Watching Table Tennis

This is just plain hilarious!

Motivation: Entrepreneurs Can Change The World

Great motivation on starting your own business or doing your own thing! On starting to fight for your dreams again!

Fly People in New York City

This is pretty cool, very creative!

Possibly Something That Could Help Erythromelalgia & Chronic Disease?

This woman is a Doctor who became wheel chair bound with degenerative multiple sclerosis (MS). Using a form of paleo she actually seems to have cured herself of it! Her idea was that having a very nutrient rich diet void of the bad stuff would help, and wow did it ever. This is not just your average person, this is someone that is an MD, that did tons of research to try and save her own life, and after "modern medicine" failed her, she found diet...
While there is no guarantee that this well help Erythromelalgia, things like this give me hope that we can cure this disease with diet. I keep going back in our mind to our brief experience with juicing, while that was not a sustainable long term solution, those 10 days were some of the best Tracey has had in a very long time. We have personally seen more correlation with how she feels based on what she eats then with anything else. I do not know if we will be able to cure her with this, but it is something we have started to try…

Ford Focus Review

If I was in the market for a smaller car, which I may be soon, I would take a very close look at the Ford Focus Hatchback. Great video review by Gear Patrol!

Source Link

Kindle Touch Software Update (5.03)

When I reviewed the Kindle Touch a few days ago one of my few complaints was that the page turns were a tad sluggish compared to the Nook Simple Touch. We'll Amazon just released a software update to the device, and where Amazon does not specifically say that it helps page turns, I feel that the device is much more responsive overall including much faster page turns.

Amazon says on their site that they will be rolling this update out over the next few weeks via wifi, but if you have to have it now, like me, then you can follow this link to Amazon and follow their instructions and get it now.

Let me know anything you notice from this update. 

How it Should have Ended - Return of the Jedi

If you like Star Wars then you will find this hilarious!

Project Matt's Simple Review: Kindle Touch


Well built, slim & attractive hardware
Vast eBook Library (Many for Free) Simple & clean user interface  1 free book per month with Amazon Prime Membership (5,000+ titles that include titles like The Hunger Games)
Interface and page turns seem slightly slower than the Nook Touch
(This seems to have been fixed in this software update) Kindle books can't be moved (easily) to non Kindle eBook readers.

Should you get it?  

Yes, though I have to say you would be happy with either the Nook Simple Touch or The Kindle Touch . I choose The Kindle Touch because I love the look and feel of The Kindle Touch when compared to the Nook Touch. I love Amazon's services and as a Prime Member, the one book per month can't be beat. So while I feel both are fairly equal eReaders, the hardware and Amazon service made me choose The Kindle Touch.

See more photos here!

The Kindle Touch is on Amazon starting at only $99

If you would like additional details on my experience using the…