New Kindles Announced Today

Amazon announced the new Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire today and they all look like excellent devices. Since my post on the Amazon Kindle vs Barnes & Noble Nook the eReader landscape has continued to evolve. In May Barnes & Noble updated their Nook eReader, this simplified it, streamlined it and without a doubt made it the best eReader on the market since it's release. That changed again today.

While it the new Kindle Touch may or may not be better than the Nook Simple Touch, it in the least puts it at the same level technology wise (we will know more once we get our hands on one). The biggest feat is that Amazon manages to get you the Kindle Touch at a starting price of only $99 for the add supported version. I'm gonna be honest, I had a lot of reservations about the ad supported Kindle (and still do) because I was under the impression that ads would be popping up while you were reading. However, I learned today that the ads are put on the eReaders screen saver only, so this does not seem to bad. 

Is the $99 Kindle Touch too rich for your blood? Not wowed by the thought of a touch screen eReader, well Amazon has something for you as well. They also announced their new $79 (yes you read that correctly) Kindle. This little device loses the touchscreen of the new Kindle and gives up the keyboard of the previous generation, but in exchange you get a slim and streamlined Kindle that almost any wallet can afford. Be warned, if you like to take notes on your eReader at all this is not the device for you as you will have to select text like you have to do in video games, one letter at a time.

Amazon also announced the Kindle Fire which is a direct competitor to the Barnest & Noble Nook Color and a not so direct (in my opinion) competitor to the Apple iPad. The first looks on the device makes it seem like a pretty slick little device, and the price of only $199 makes it by far the best valued full color tablet on the market. It does not seem to be as full featured as a full fledged Android tablet or the Apple iPad, but if you are looking for something to read, web browse, listen to music and watch video on and don't want to spend the money on something like an iPad, then this could just be the perfect tablet. 

Everything I wrote here is based on what I saw in the Amazon press conference and from hands-on videos from other bloggers. This being said, based on these review I have already pre-ordered my Kindle Touch and if I didn't have an iPad would seriously consider the Kindle Fire.

Pre-Order The Kindle Fire Here - Released November 15, 2011
Pre-Order the Kindle Touch Here - Released November 21, 2011
Order The Kindle Here - Available Now

What do you think of the new Kindles? 


  1. Kindles look pretty awesome to me! Especially since I heard you can now "borrow" books from public libraries with them as well as share some of your books with friends

  2. Yes you can borrow books and that is an awesome feature, pays for the Kindle if you borrow that one book a month. I ended up getting the Kindle Touch & Love it!


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