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New Kindles Announced Today

Amazon announced the new Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire today and they all look like excellent devices. Since my post on the Amazon Kindle vs Barnes & Noble Nook the eReader landscape has continued to evolve. In May Barnes & Noble updated their Nook eReader, this simplified it, streamlined it and without a doubt made it the best eReader on the market since it's release. That changed again today.

While it the new Kindle Touch may or may not be better than the Nook Simple Touch, it in the least puts it at the same level technology wise (we will know more once we get our hands on one). The biggest feat is that Amazon manages to get you the Kindle Touch at a starting price of only $99 for the add supported version. I'm gonna be honest, I had a lot of reservations about the ad supported Kindle (and still do) because I was under the impression that ads would be popping up while you were reading. However, I learned today that the ads are put on the eReaders screen saver…

Flowbee How To Video!

Now you know the easiest way to cut your hair!

Extrem Tricycle Riding!

This is just insane!

"September" Music Video

This is a music video by a buddy of mine. Check it out! You can find the rest of his music on iTunes.

NBD Syndrome (Redskins Parody Video)

This is funny....and sad at the same time cause it is so true!

Super Funny Commercial!

Makes me want to get one, how about you?

1990 Portable/Affordable Cell Phone!

Did you or anyone you know have one of these? 

Ryan Kerrigan with a Pick in the Redskins Win!

Rookie Ryan Kerrigan had an awesome pick in his first game in the NFL while the Redskins looked like a cohesive team for the first time in a long long time....get a great win over the NY Giants 28-14.
How do you think the Redskins will finish this season? 

My 2011 Choice for a Plasma TV

OK, I’ve decided to post about picking out my new plasma TV. This is not a post regarding LCD/LED VS Plasma technology, as I made the decision a few years back and continue to hold the view that plasma TVs give you a better viewing experience unless you have the sun blasting directly on the screen. I understand that many people have strong views on the LCD/LED VS Plasma discussion but it will not be the purpose of this post. 
I am going to talk about my project to get a new plasma TV. I am not a professional reviewer, but I enjoy technology and enjoy finding the best deal possible while combining that with getting the best technology in my price range. Because of this I enjoy the challenge of researching countless forums while also watching and reading every review I can find on the TVs that I am looking to possibly purchase. Here is where I will share the results of my search. Maybe it will help you pick out your TV and save you some time in the process. 
In the world of plasma televi…