The Juice Diet Has Begun (Day 1)

As I mentioned in an earlier post on Erythromelalgia (EM), our next step to treat my wife's Erythromelalgia is to try the The pH Miracle, a diet based on the idea that the PH levels of our bodies are out of whack based on all the crap that we eat, like processed sugars and such. The idea is that this imbalance is what causes us to get sick in various ways like EM and with things like cancer.

The idea is that by doing this diet it restores the PH levels of our bodies to where they should be and thus promotes natural healing. After reading the book the concept and idea do seem to make sense, and in the least it can't hurt her more. After all she will be eating veggies mostly.

So where did I hear about this book and diet? I was shopping in the Whole Foods across the street from my house and randomly started talking to a guy in there about how hard it was to find foods without any sugars or dairy and other crap in it (See my post on things we thought might be helping). He proceeded to tell me about something that they used for his wife who had cancer. The doctors told them that their only choice was to remove multiple organs (which would greatly reduce her quality of life) and tons of chemo (which straight up sucks). They decided to try the The pH Miracle (among some other experimental cancer treatment that I can't remember) and 3 years later she has no cancer...and still has all her organs! This guy did not make a dime off me, so I figured why not look into it? And after reading the book, it made sense and we figured it was worth a shot.

We put off the start to this for months for various reasons, probably because we knew how labor intensive this would be, and as the guy in the grocery store told me "you have to be desperate for this because it is not easy at all." Well we are desperate, so today is day 1 of our pH Miracle trial.

Step one is a 10-14 day "cleanse" where it is almost completely juice, and will be by far the hardest part. After that you continue juicing but also add salads and other things into the diet.

I am not going to tell you that I will post every day on how it is working, as it won't be an overnight thing, but I will keep the blog updated on how it is going.

For those that want to know what we are using for our juicing and where to find this book, or want to get it for juicing here are the Amazon links:

We Chose the Breville 800JEXL to do our Juicing

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Robert O. Young Phd

What do you think of our plan here? Any thoughts or ideas regarding good (non fruit) juicing recipes? 

P.S. - I will also be "trying" to do this diet as much as I can with her. It will be even harder for me because I work in a restaurant and will not be able to do it when I work there all day. But I am going to try, and maybe it will help my back pain that I've been having a lot of.


  1. Chrissy9 (adian919)August 18, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    FYI- Here is a forum I started 5 years ago when having no idea what was going on with me. It really says a lot with all of the responses from people suffering similar issues. I just replied to it today because some people had asked if there were any updates, others had ideas. Anyway I just mentioned the term Erythromelalgia to see if anyone had heard of it yet. We will see.


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