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Next Steps in the Battle VS Erythromelalgia

As everyone and anyone that knows me or has read this blog on any kind of consistent basis knows, my wife Tracey suffers from a disease knows as Erythromelalgia, or EM for short. Feel free to catch up on what I've already written on this

This post is on our next step in the battle against EM. Over the last 4-5 months one of the things that we have been trying is eating an extremely healthy diet (OK she eats it and I eat junk) that is basically sugar, gluten, cow dairy (goat and sheep dairy were OK'd) and also as natural as possible. The idea was to improve the bodies health and maybe it would help. Did it work at all, honestly we are not really sure, it may have helped a little (something we noticed when she got noticeably worse this past week when she cheated on her diet with Five Guys Burgers, among other things.

photo by Lady Madonna

So basically seeing her get worse on the junk has given us at least some hope that eating an even more intensely healthy diet may help even more or at least that is what we are hoping. Full disclosure, this disease has beaten the living daylights out of both my wife Tracey and myself, so to say we are desperate for something to work would be an understatement. Our last attempt (a book called Earthing) did not seem to work (though the idea behind the book did make a lot of sense), we are still trying it though, so who knows. Which brings me to our next attempt in our quest to cure EM, The pH Miracle.

In short the idea behind the PH Miracle is that the body should be at a certain PH level (between acidic and alkaline, no I don't completely understand how all this works, but it did make sense) and if it is at this PH level then it can naturally heal itself. What it says is that all the crap that we eat (sugars, processed meats, etc.) throws this PH way off and that is one of the reasons we get so sick with things like cancer and rare unexplained disorders like EM. According to this book it is also the reason we get so tired and need things like coffee and soda.

The idea is that getting this PH back in line will help heal the body. It entails doing a 10 day plus cleanse where Tracey will be drinking nothing but green drinks and non chunky soups (from our new juicer that we carefully researched, and chose based on the supposed quality of the juice as well as the ease of cleaning), taking certain vitamins and then after that being on an all but vegan diet that is even more strict then the one we were doing before. Certain fruits and veggies are also not allowed on this diet due to  how they would could affect the PH levels in the body.

Over time as healing occurs and the PH is re-balanced, certain foods like fish and fruits can be reintroduced on a limited basis. It is an extremely intense (and probably expensive) diet that is yet another attempt at healing Tracey. Yes it may come off as crazy and or desperate (we are) but the idea laid out in the book does make sense, and being that it is eating veggies mostly, I can't imagine that it can make anything worse.

Disclosure - This post is in NO way medical advice. It is simply something that my wife and I are trying in hopes that it cures her horrible disease. I hope that it can help someone else as well and I will keep this blog posted on how it helps her. 

What do you think? Do you think we are totally nuts or that there could be some hope behind this idea? If you have used the idea's in this book please let us know how you fared and from what you did or did not recover from.  


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