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Getting the Temperature Just Right Is So Hard to Do...


The Original Legend of Zelda Turns 25 Today

Good memories...

EM with No Power

This morning our power went out...

For most people losing power is an inconvenience, they can't get things done, charge cell phones or use the microwave.

For those with Erythromelagia (EM) it is so much worse. When an EM patient loses power in their residance they lose their fan and air conditioning. They lose those few things that actually help.
With no way to help bring down their flare, added to the frustration and stress of knowing that they won't have that help. It makes a bad situation even worse.

It is winter still, which is the one positive, because in summer this would be even worse.

Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to help the no power situation?

Tech Support: What to Do When Netflix Streaming on Your iPad Is Pixilated

First, I love my iPad.

Second, I love Netflix.

Third, I love Netflix on my iPad.

Let me quickly explain. Netflix on my iPad was the greatest thing ever until one day it suddenly became pixilated. I thought this was a one-time thing, caused by an issue with Netflix servers. But then, use after use, it kept doing the same thing. Watching the pixilated picture made me remember my youth, playing with the rabbit ears on top of my TV. Frustrating! 

Well, I did some research. Most people attributed this to people running Netflix over a 3G (cell) network.  I knew wasn't the case for me because I only use my WIFI iPad over ... you guessed it ... WIFI. Good news: I fixed it. This may seem like a no-brainer a solution (and it is) but I simply deleted the app and re-installed it. I am in love with Netflix on the iPad all over again.
Now, I can't promise that this is going to fix everyone's problem with Netflix streaming on their iPad, but it's a simple first attempt that just may be th…

Orioles Spring Training

Yesterday was the start of spring when the Baltimore Orioles pitchers and catchers reported to spring training. My favorite time of year.

And for the first time in a long time there is hope that the O's will have a winning season and actually compete. They are far from favored but their many improvements during the off season has Orioles fever running high.
Hopefully it is not to high because I have hoped before and it has ended up like this...painful 

For Orioles fans everywhere I hope that this is the year where the O's shock the American League East. For what it's worth, I think that we will be in it to the end this year...Why Not?
What do you guys think? Will we win it all? Make the playoffs? Finish above .500? Or are we in for another painful season? 

Cure EM (Erythromelalgia)

So as I mentioned in a previous post, my wife (Tracey) has Erythromelagia (EM for short). I am going to try and sum up this condition and how it has affected our lives in as short of a blurb as I can. Here it goes...

Picture from my wife's blog- i'm (not) superhuman
This condition began to show up around May of 2010 when my wife's feet would randomly swell, turn red, get hot to the touch and become extremely painful. She describes it as being lit on fire. It is actually considered one of the most painful conditions out there. It is also very rare, which is why we brought the diagnosis to our primary care doctor. And for us it was just one more problem on a long list of things that had happened to Tracey's health over the past few years.

At first the flares were fairly infrequent, and she mostly noticed them when it was pretty warm out or when she had been walking for a while. Over the past 10 months, EM has taken control of every part of our lives. Tracey now has to work…

Video at 2,564 frames per second, makes anything look awesome

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

This video is just amazing. It makes dripping water look cool.

Let Them Play

The NFL Players want to play...please let them!

Wolverine or 2 Bat Men?

This is a really cool optical illusion.

Source The Daily What via Reddit


As some of you know my wife suffers from a rare medical condition among many other medical issues. The condition is called Erythromelalgiaand is extremely painful. This will be the first of many posts on the condition and what we are doing to try and treat it and learn to live with it. The video above was shown on ESPN years before my wife started showing symptoms of this disorder. It is absolutely amazing how Kate Conkllin has learned to cope with this and live her life. Even having a baby. Trying to get there...

Captain America: The First Avenger TV Spot 1 (OFFICIAL)

Trailer after the break...

Super Bowl: A Packers win means the Orioles win?

Everyone's favorite non-holiday holiday is here. Happy Super Bowl everyone!

I'm rooting for the Packers today and betting they'll win. And as one of my twitter buddies pointed out ... a Packers win could mean good things for the Orioles.

.@nickneagleNick And on another note in 1997 when the#Packers won the Super Bowl, the#Orioles made their last playoff appearance. Could this be...

Who do you guys want to win? Who do you think will win?

Please Stop

Dear Matt,

You again decided McDonald's was a good idea. It wasn't. Though it tasted great (as always), you now feel like crap (as always).

This is a friendly reminder to not do this next time you're hungry. 

Your Body

P.S. The Dunkin Donuts you're currently craving is also a bad idea.

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse...

It did....according to Pro Football Talk Albert Haynesworth has been charged with assault after a road rage incident. This according to the Washington Post. It is all allegations at this point....but the Redskins don't need any more drama.

There is never a lack of excitement for Redskins fans. We can't get rid of our owner, but we can get rid of Albert. Let's please at least cut this drama out of our lives?

Baltimore Orioles sign Vladimir Guerrero

According to Hardball Talk, the Baltimore Orioles have signed Vladimir Guerrero to a 1 year, $8 million contract. According to Hardball talk, both the Baltimore Sun and Fox Sports have confirmed that the deal is done.
This brings up the question: With so many off-season moves that have bolstered their pitching, defense, and offense, can the birds actually compete this year in an extremely tough AL East?
My heart says that it is time! Go O's!
What do you guys think?


A big thank you to for bringing this awesome t-shirt to our attention!

Blogger's "Official" Android App

I am posting this from the official Android Blogger App. My initial impressions are good, but I've not had a chance to use it much yet.

Get it here...